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Lemuel Peters and His Family

Lemuel Peters, sometimes known as "Lemuel Pete", was a free African American who served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

He married a woman named Margaret on September 5, 1782. They had at least two children, Annis, born March 11, 1783, and Ilynda, born October 19, 1786. Their marriage and the births of their children were recorded in the Waterbury town clerk's office. It is not known if they were married in one of Waterbury's churches. They would almost certainly have known Fortune and Dinah, whose also had two children born in Waterbury in the 1780s.

By 1800 the Peters family appears to have moved to New Haven, Connecticut. They may have left Waterbury before 1790, as they do not appear in the census data for that year.

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