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Abijah Garnsey

Abijah Garnsey (also spelled Guernsey) was born in Milford, Connecticut in 1743. He married Lucy Bellamy, daughter of Bethlehem's Rev. Joseph Bellamy, in 1772. The Garnseys had three children.

Abijah's leg was amputated in February of 1774; the loss was recorded in a listing of deaths in Westbury. Abijah died in 1819.

The death of an unnamed "negro boy" belonging to Abijah Garnsey was recorded in 1792. This may have been Cambridge, who was born in 1777. The 1800 census recorded two people enslaved in Abijah Garnsey's household.

Other members of the Garnsey/Guernsey family were also slave owners. The death of a "negro child" belonging to a Deacon Garnsey was recorded in Westbury in 1761; the death of Joseph Garnsey's "negro wench" was recorded in 1775.

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