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Exhibit and Research Coordination
Ann Smith, Curator, Mattatuck Museum

Web Site Coordination and Production
Raechel Guest, Associate Curator, Mattatuck Museum


Web Site Design
New Tilt, Inc.


Project Historian
Frank Mitchell


Facial Reconstruction
Frank Bender


Medical Illustrator
William Westwood


Randy Clark Fine Art Photography


Project Scholars
Orlando Bagwell, ROJA Productions
Susan Lederer, Yale School of Medicine
Gretchen Worden, Director, Mütter Museum


Science Advisors
Nicholas Bellantoni, Connecticut State Archaeologist

Alan Goodman, Professor of Biological Anthropology, Hampshire College

Frederika Kaestle, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University

Mark Mack, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Howard University

Michael Park, Professor of Archaeology, Central Connecticut State University

Warren Perry, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University

Lesley Rankin Hill, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma


African American History Project Committee
Maxine Watts, Chair
Lillian Brown
Betty Gibson
Ledonia Grey
Audrey Harrell
Gloria Patterson
Barbara Riddick
Al Walton
Marie Galbraith, Director, Mattatuck Museum


Teachers' Workshop Participants, Summer 2004
Susan Skipp Tittle, Curriculum Specialist
Nina Cherubino, Education Coordinator, Mattatuck Museum
Walter Bayer
Christine Boccardi
Theresa Bolduc
John Calhoun
Lynnette Davis
Susan C. DiNicola
Doris Duggins
Lance Goldberg
Roseanne Greaney
Patricia Greenwood
Robin Griskus
Romanna Jakymec
Deborah Lewis
Paula Lisowski
Linda MacKay
Eric Martone
Joyce Orso
Ellen Quagliaroli
Randy Schmidt
Ruth Ann Sforza
Jacqueline Stack
Cynthia Winer


Financial Support for this project has been provided by The Connecticut Humanities Council, The Connecticut Commission on the Arts, The Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Waterbury Region Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Schlegel Foundation of the First Congregational Church of Waterbury.

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