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Caesar and Violet Rose

Little is known about Caesar Rose (1791-1868) or his wife Violet. Joseph Anderson, minister of the First Congregational Church and editor of a three-volume history of Waterbury published in 1896, recorded that Caesar’s wife’s name was Violet, and that Rose was a “former Connecticut slave.” He would have become free on his 21st birthday. It is not known where in Connecticut he was enslaved or when he came to Waterbury.

Rose died a pauper in Waterbury in 1868. His funeral was attended by Anderson, who noted in 1896 that it was marked by “some unusual ceremonies” which may have been of African origin. Rose was buried in Waterbury's Grand Street Cemetery.

Joseph Anderson's Diary
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Joseph Anderson's Diary - 1868
Joseph Anderson was the minister of the Congregational Church and attended Caesar Rose's funeral. Collection of the Mattatuck Museum.

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