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Dr. Isaac Baldwin

Dr. Isaac Baldwin (1755-1814) married Sarah Leavenworth, the daughter of Waterbury’s Congregational minister Rev. Mark Leavenworth. The Baldwins had three children. Their eldest daughter married Dr. Edward Field; following her death, Field married the Baldwins’ youngest daughter. The Baldwins’ middle daughter never married.

Dr. Baldwin’s home was on Grand Street. He was a surgeon’s mate during the Revolutionary War and was a member of the County Medical Society. His wife died in 1793, and Dr. Baldwin moved to Massachusetts in 1797. His daughters lived with their grandmother, Sarah Leavenworth.

The 1790 federal census listed one slave living in Dr. Baldwin’s household. This may have been one of the women, Peg and Phillis, owned by the Leavenworth family: only one slave is listed in 1790 in the Leavenworth household, but there are two in 1800, by which time Baldwin had moved away and his daughters were living with the Leavenworths.

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