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Waterbury's Slave Owners
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The Richards Family

Lieut. Thomas Richards (1699- 1760) married Susanna Rennolds of Hartford in 1723. The couple had nine children. Their oldest daughter, Susanna, was married to Lt. John Nettleton and inherited her father's slave, Jack. It is not known if Lt. Richards owned any other slaves. By the time of her father's death, Susanna Nettleton had five children.

Town records list the death of a still-born "negro child" belonging to Benjamin Richards. Jr. on January 4, 1767. The baby's parents were not mentioned. Records also list the death of Jack, a "negro man" belonging to Benjamin Richards on September 21, 1771.

Benjamin Richards, Jr. was married to Sarah, daughter of Capt. William Judd; the couple had six children. Benjamin Richards, Jr. was the nephew of Lt. Thomas Richards. Thomas Richards also had a son named Benjamin. Both Benjamins were born in 1737. It appears that they may have both been slave-owners.

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